Quick and Simple Adzuki Bean Hummus with Lemon Honey

Fit, Recipes

#Hummus | This Quick and Simple Adzuki Bean Hummus with Lemon Honey makes for a perfect sweet and savory appetizer dip or spread.
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Mushroom Masala Instant Pot Stove Top Methods

#Instant Pot | This restaurant style mushroom masala is ready in under 20 minutes and requires only a handful of ingredients. Step by step photos included!
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Safe Tanning Tips For A Healthy Glow

#Tanning | Contrary to popular misconception, there are plenty of benefits to sun exposure that make tanning a viable option when done safely. In fact, some research finds that outdoor workers are less likely to develop melanoma, suggesting that sun exposure has a protective effect. Knowing the proper steps to a safe tan will reduce associated risks […]
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