10 formas originales de regalar flores a tu mama el Dia de las Madres

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#Flores | Lee 10 formas originales de regalar flores a tu mamá el Día de las Madres. Descubre estas sencillas manualidades y arreglos para el 10 de mayo.
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Ceramic Wave Plates from Apollo Box

#Plates | The Ceramic Wave Plates bring style and function to your kitchen. Made with durable bone china material, these plates come in 6 unique styles that feature blue waves. Use the ceramic wave plates for everyday meals or save them for special occasions!

Includes: 1 plate
Materials: Bone china
Uses: Everyday use for eating, unique gifts for weddings or housewarming, etc.
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Sink Sponge Basket from Apollo Box

#Basket | The Sink Sponge Basket holds and dries your go-to dish washing accessory, the sponge! Made with easy to clean plastic, each item features a convenient hanging strap that sits perfectly on your sink faucet. Choose from gray, green, and orange color options.

Includes: 1 basket
Materials: Plastic
Uses: Sponge storage in the sink, unique housewarming gifts, etc.
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