A lot of DIY lava lamp experiments call for Alka #Diy

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#Diy | Dr. Koco with Mad Science joins FOX6 WakeUp with the details.
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20 Easy dinner ideas using leftover pulled pork

#Easy Dinner Ideas | this post contains affiliate links  I have decided to round-up some of the greatest recipes using pulled pork. Because pulled pork is my new favorite thing to make in my new pressure cooker.   I love the way my pressure cooker makes pulled pork! I bought myself an Instant-pot.  I love it.
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Birth Plan Worksheet Flexible Birth Plan for Success

#Worksheet | This printable fill-in-the-blank birth plan template will help you communicate with the medical team what support you would like. Avoid misunderstanding by spelling out in advance your customized birth plan. Your doctor, midwife, nurse, doula birthing center or hospital will really appreciate it! Creating a Birth Plan What is a birth plan? A birth planContinue Reading
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