The Best Outdoor Hotel Restaurant Patios In Southern California According To The Founder Of Hotels Above Par #Restaurant

Fit, Recipes

#Restaurant | When it comes to beautiful hotels Brandon Berkson is your man. During the pandemic, he created Hotels Above Par, an expertly curated online guide of articles designed for the hip traveler who is short on time with an emphasis on high-end, design-forward boutique and independent hotels.
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Bearadise Ranch Owner Cited For Allowing TV Crew To Feed Bear

#Ranch | Monica Welde received a misdemeanor citation for allowing a TV news crew to interact with a bear at Bearadise Ranch in Myakka City.
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Why has the Brazilian butt lift become so popular

#Butt | It has become the world’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery, despite mounting concerns over the growing number of deaths from the procedure. What is driving the Brazilian butt lift’s popularity?
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