Normally Competitors Merck To Produce Vaccines For Johnson amp Johnson #Amp

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#Amp | Pharmaceutical giant Merck has not had success with its own COVID-19 vaccine, but has entered a deal to produce vaccines for Johnson & Johnson, who could use the help after production shortfalls.
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Meghan and Harry Blame Buckingham Palace for a quot Smear Campaign quot Article

#Article | Their lawyers said The Times of London was “being used by Buckingham Palace to peddle a wholly false narrative.”
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We Just Discovered the Easiest Healthy Hack for Making a Basic Bowl of Oatmeal Taste Delicious

#Discovered | Give raw oats a quick toasting before you make oatmeal. This will add depth, complexity, and a rich caramel-like flavor to your oats without having to toss in any additional ingredients.
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