Red Velvet Waffles Recipe ndash Eggless Version #Waffles

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#Waffles | Red Velvet Waffles – Egg free Version with a chocolate sauce Red velvet waffles has been in my to do list ever since I made the plain waffles with whole wheat flour. Before making a video for…
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Chocolate Raspberry Cake Recipe video

#Cake Recipe | The ultimate chocolate raspberry cake recipe! If you love chocolate and raspberries, this is definitely the cake for you! The delicate and rich buttermilk chocolate cake layers are dotted with fresh raspberries! Then the cake is filled with more crushed raspberries and frosted with my new ‘Raspberry Buttercream’! This berry frosting is everything! It’s fluffy, […]
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Navy vet died after California police knelt on his neck for nearly 5 minutes family alleges

#Family | A Navy veteran suffering from a mental health emergency died after a northern California police officer knelt on his neck for nearly five minutes, according to his family, who filed a wrongful death lawsuit regarding the incident being compared to the death of George Floyd.
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