Ancient Boeing 777 Strews Debris Over Colorado #Colorado

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#Colorado | UA328 suffered a catastrophic uncontained engine failure in an incident eerily similar to what happened to a sister aircraft in 2018.
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Tesla Billionaire Elon Musk Made A Stark Bitcoin And Ethereum Price Warning As Crypto Market Nears 2 Trillion

#Market | Telsa billionaire Elon Musk, whose tweets about “joke” meme-based cryptocurrency dogecoin helped push it to a $10 billion valuation, has warned the price of bitcoin and ethereum.
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How To Peel A Banana 10 Ways

#Banana | Today I’m showing you How To Peel A Banana. You might be thinking, well I already know how to peel a banana? Well I’m going to show you 10 different ways that you’ve never seen before.
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