Twitch Replaces Live Metallica Audio With Hilarious Folk Music to Avoid Copyright Violation #Hilarious

Fit, Recipes

#Hilarious | The gaming platform Twitch, which has had no shortage of music-copyright issues in recent months, cut off the audio for Metallica’s BlizzCon performance Friday due to legal concerns, replacing it w…
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7A nbsp ofA nbsp the Simplest Exercises for aA nbsp Beautiful and Attractive Bust

#Exercises | To make your bust appear firm and beautiful, you really don’t need to take the route of expensive surgery. All you have to do is regularly perform a few straightforward exercises, all of which can help to lift and even improve the shape of your breasts.
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Selma Blair First Noticed Her MS Symptoms During a Christian Siriano Show

#Symptoms | “I couldn’t feel the ground or how to lift my left leg. … As I walked the runway, stunned.”
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