39 Ways to wear glitter nails for an Elegant Touch #Wear Glitter

Fit, Recipes

#Wear Glitter | Nothing is more elegant than a hand with perfectly manicured and elegant nails. When you first meet a person, the hands are one of…
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Tommy Hilfiger Preppy Check Pants

#Preppy | Rent Preppy Check Pants by Tommy Hilfiger for $40 only at Rent the Runway.
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Holy Crap This Studebaker Taillight May Be One Of The Best Taillights Ever

#One | I usually like to spread my deeply strange taillight content out a bit more, but sometimes one pokes at the hidden mountain of weird taillights and causes a glorious avalanche, which, in this case, is an avalanche of one more weird taillight. But oh man, is it a good one. My fellow dorks, allow me to introduce you to the Studebaker Wig-Wag taillight.
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