Second Extinction Coming to Xbox Game Preview Spring 2021 #Spring

Fit, Recipes

#Spring | Hello all! A lot has happened since our lead producer, Brynley, last spoke to you back in May 2020, when we had just revealed our Dino-guts stuffed shooter, Second Extinction, during the Xbox Series X First Look event. An event that saw us all at Systemic Reaction virtually huddled around our home-bound workstations watching live […]
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Experts warn against COVID

#Warn | Scientists widely agree that the U.S. simply doesn’t have enough of a handle on the variants to roll back public health measures and is at risk of fumbling yet another phase of the pandemic.
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Symptoms of Narcolepsy

#Symptoms | Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder characterized by extreme daytime drowsiness, bouts of muscle weakness, sleep paralysis, and other symptoms.
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