Ink Flower Garden Photo

Fit, Recipes

#Flower Garden | abstract ink paintings, illustrations and art journal pages by Asja Boros. // my other tumblr for photos // shop
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My journey mapping the uncharted world

#Journey | Recent events have made one thing clear: There’s a ceaseless need for decency, respect, and pursuit of common good. As we let God inspire such qualities in us individually, we’re doing our part to elevate the collective consciousness that yearns for solutions to injustice and hate.
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Feng Shui Your Bathroom

#Bathroom | Recently I’ve had several Readers contact me in distress, lamenting about the location of their bathrooms. Some Feng Shui articles almost demonize the bathroom, portraying it as a filthy, energy grabbing complexity of features that could drain both your wallet and health. Although the bathroom is a room that always needs Feng Shui attention, I’m…
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