Vestido Curto Casual Dia

Fit, Recipes

#Vestido | Casual e elegante, vestido modelagem soltinho, decote transpassado em v e 3/4 manga. Detalhe do babado na barra e amarração na Cintura que deixa a peça ainda
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Surviving In A Quarantine And How To Stay Sane

#Stay | If you told me a year ago that this would be my life now, I would’ve laughed. “Haven’t worked in a month, you say? Ludicrous.”
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Needed this reminder

#Reminder | Dec 5, 2018 – B E A U T A P L I N posted on Instagram: “But if those slow days begin becoming something more like slow months or years then here are some…” • See 1,988 photos and videos on their profile.
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