Champagne Cupcakes

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#Cupcakes | Yes, the Champagne posts continue! It is, after all, New Year’s and what else would I be drinking? I  made these Champagne Cupcakes for tomorrow night because the only thing better than drinking Champagne would be eating it. Okay, maybe I’m wrong. Drinking Champagne is definitely better. But these will pair perfectly with a glass…Read More
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Tangy Ginger Almond Asian Slaw

#Almond | This Tangy Ginger-Almond Asian Slaw is so easy — only 5 minutes to prep and whisk together. A perfect blend of tart, sweet, salty and savory. GF, DF.
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Radicchio salad with oranges and pecorino

#Salad | This radicchio salad with oranges is a vibrant winter salad filled with juicy oranges, crunchy smoked almonds and the salty funk of pecorino cheese.
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