Family Sculpture

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#Sculpture | Stay sharp with the In Focus Tagua Necklace from Colombia. Handcrafted from sustainably harvested tagua nuts by the artisans of Sapia.Tagua, metalTriangle: 1H x 1W (at base) inches; Necklace: 25.25L-27.5L (end to end) inches Handcrafted in Colombia
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Mom s Vinaigrette

#Mom | While this simple red wine vinaigrette is a stellar salad topper as is, add anchovies and Parmesan to give the salad dressing a Caesar-style flavor boost.
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Olive Oil amp Vinegar Dressing

#Dressing | Make a simple vinaigrette with olive and canola oils, red wine vinegar, and seasonings to use as a light dressing on your favorite salad. My husband requested I make this dressing ages ago, but clearly I’m too lazy to throw a few ingredients together for the easiest salad dressing ever…until now. When I’m not making…Read More »
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