Shrimp and Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing

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#Dressing | When I meet former co-workers for lunch at our favorite restaurant, we always order this salad. I wanted to share it with my husband, so I made it my mission to re-create it. Mission accomplished! —Lisa Bynum, Brandon, Mississippi
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Italian Chocolate Pie Crust Pasta Frolla

#Pie Crust | This easy Italian Chocolate Pie Crust or Pasta Frolla is tender and with just the right amount of chocolate taste. Use it to make a pie or even cookies.
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Apple Cinnamon Dessert Frittata

#Apple Cinnamon | This dessert frittata is not a typical egg recipe. Made with apples, cinnamon and a light caramel sauce this is a delicious high protein breakfast recipe.
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