40 Flat Twist Hairstyles on Natural Hair with Full Style Guide

Fit, Recipes

#Natural Hair | My second favorite hairstyle is by all mean, flat twists. They are easy to put in and take out. They also keep my hair stretched, moistured and tangle-free. I’ve even done demos in the past w…
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20 Black Family Holiday Pictures That Will Absolutely Bring A Smile to Your Face

#Family | Keep reading for Black Family Holiday pictures that will surely put everyone in the holiday spirit this year and every year
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Triple Knot Braided Updo For Black Hair Is Inspiringly Edgy

#Black Hair | The triple k ot braided updo is o e easy a d pleasa t way to wear your hair icely, a d it also gives your hair some much- eeded rest from the co sta t pulli g. Feel free to forget about styli g for a while whe sporti g this edgy triple k ot braided updo for black […]
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