How to Make a Green Christmas Wreath

Fit, Recipes

#Wreath | I love wreaths. When we got married this summer a simple eucalyptus wreath hung on the door as the only decoration for the 16th century church on the island out at sea where we got married. There is something so pleasing about the flow of a wreath – all the leaves and flowers flowing in Read More
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Raising your own chickens from eggs

#Own | Raising Backyard Chickens, Buff Orpington Chicken
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How To Keep Chickens Out Of The Garden

#Garden | How To Keep Chickens Out Of The Garden You love your chickens, and you love your garden. But unfortunately, your chickens love your garden too! A little too much…and now your grass is ripped up, your flowers trampled and your vegetables eaten. Chickens and gardens CAN live together, so long…
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