Birthday Cake Cocktail

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#Birthday Cake | Birthdays are usually celebrated with cake, cupcakes and other baked goods. I typically serve coffee with my cakes, but birthdays are special occasions and deserve something a little bit more special. You could make coffee more special by serving cappuccinos or something, of course, but I took a more “grown up” …
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How To Get a Horse To Lose Weight

#Lose Weight | Maintaining a healthy weight on a horse is important for the horses overall health. Excess weight can cause increased impact on their joints, tendons, and ligaments, and make it difficult to achieve any training goals riding the horse.  If a horse is overweight for a long period of time (over a couple of years), the… Read More »How To Get a Horse To Lose Weight
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Best Fly Repellent For Horses Fly Spray for Horses

#Spray | I live in Florida. It is not all paradise and beaches like some would have you believe. I can literally go into my backyard at 5 pm and have ten mosquitos try to make me their supper in the first five minutes. Trying to do any outdoor excursion comfortably is next to impossible.  Sure, the… Read More »Best Fly Repellent For Horses: Fly Spray for Horses
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