Bean and Cheese Vegetarian Enchiladas Recipe

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#Enchiladas | Cheesy enchiladas with beans and bell peppers are a yummy vegetarian delight.
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Breakfast Tacos

#Breakfast Tacos | I will always be a strong advocate for breakfast for dinner because it’s fun. And who doesn’t want to eat fun food—it’s the best. I tried to think to myself why it’s a bit of a thrill; maybe it’s that we all feel like we’re doing something we shouldn’t? That’s the fun of being adult, … View More
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Deconstructed Zucchini Manicotti

#Zucchini | My favorite thing in the world to eat is pasta. Like, if I was seeing my last days and someone was like, Adrianna, what would you like to eat because dying sucks? I’d be like, BRING ME PASTA! A gigantic bowl of pasta bolognese with a glass of lambrusco would be it for me. So, … View More
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