60 Funniest Hump Day Memes to Survive Wednesdays

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#Memes | Hump Day is the middle of the week ie. “Wednesday”. The phrase “Hump Day” could have originated in the 20th Century, but it is unknown who made the phrase. Why is Wednesday ‘Hump Day’? Wednesday is in the middle of the week, so if you were climbing over a hill, it would be the tallest part. […]
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Lexie Sneaker by Loints of Holland Leather Shoe

#Leather | Lexie Sneaker by Loints of Holland. Luxurious leather composes the upper of this lace-up shoe, which is thoughtfully designed with a removable insole and a layer of cork that molds to your foot and provides extra support. Natural rubber outsole offers traction.
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Colorful Hand Drawn Animation Set to Isan s Catgot

#Colorful | Artist Ho Tsz Wing created a wonderfully expressive colorful 2D hand-drawn animation set to the electronic Isan song “Catgot”. Ho stated that this
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