Virtual Assistant Tax Tips

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#Tips | I have a confession. Get ready… ’cause it is a good one. I. Hate. Budgeting. For real, y’all. I am naturally NOT a numbers person. I dropped out of calculus to take business math in high school and never looked back. So when my bookkeeper (the amazing Melissa Whaley) came into my life – she…
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Here s Why It s So Difficult to Measure the Calories You ve Burned and What to Focus on Instead

#Calories | We asked fitness experts how many calories you should burn in a workout (and which exercises burn the most). Learn more inside.
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Face Mapping What Your Breakouts Can Reveal About Your Health

#Health | In the ancient practice of face mapping, your skin reveals a lot about your lifestyle. Here, learn how face mapping works and what it says about your health.
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