Vegan Miso Soup bull Just One Cookbook

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#One | Made with vegan-friendly kombu dashi, this authentic Japanese Vegan Miso Soup filled with tofu and wakame, seasoned with delicious miso paste!
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How to Collect Greywater in Your Home and Yard for Sustainable Living

#Sustainable | When we think about greywater, we usually consider the used water in our homes that we send down the drain. In a world where almost a billion people do not have clean water to drink and die from poor hygiene and waterborne pathogens, wasting the water in our homes is a crime. On the other
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10 Items to Replace the Plastic in Your Life

#Life | Recently, everyone has been talking about why it’s so important to eliminate plastic waste. Single use plastic is not only wasteful but harmful to the Earth. And let’s be honest… we are all guilty of producing plastic waste. There is…Read More
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