Simple DIY Beaded Christmas Ornaments with Wooden Beads

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#Christmas Ornaments | Today I’m sharing how I made some elegant yet very simple DIY beaded Christmas Ornaments using wooden beads – the perfect addition to our natural and neutral wood and white rustic chic Christmas tree decor.   It feels like everyone needs a little extra Christmas in their lives this year.  Normally I feel like the … Read More about Simple DIY Beaded Christmas Ornaments with Wooden Beads
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How to Create the Best Wedding Budget for You and Your Partner

#Budget | photo by Anni Graham Photography We know, we know…nobody likes talking about money. But, when it comes time to set your wedding budget, we want you to Every couple is different and every budget is different, but these seven fool-proof steps will help create the best wedding budget for you and your partner.
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23 Must Have Photos for Brides Getting Ready

#Photos | Everyone loves a sentimental shot of the groom seeing his bride for the first time or that cute moment during the couple’s first dance.
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