Oven Fried Chicken

Fit, Recipes

#Oven | Guest post from Brigette Shevy Crystal and I grew up in a family of seven children. Given our family size, and the fact that we had company over for meals at least once a week, our Mom was (is!) the Queen of simple, budget-friendly, crowd-pleasing meals. Crystal and I were reminiscing recently about different recipes… Read More
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Sleep Better with Smellacloud s Aroma Diffuser

#Sleep | Aroma diffusers can humidify your room and fill them with gorgeous essential oil smells. Find my review of Smellacloud here.
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Boho Home Decor Trends You Need To Try

#Decor Trends | Bohemian style decor has taken the interior design world by storm, and let us just say, and we are here for it. Here are boho home decor trends that you will love.
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